When we are traumatised, we often feel disconnected from our bodies, other people and the world around us. Counselling outdoors can help people to reconnect with their bodies and with nature. Moving our bodies can facilitate exploring our emotions in unison with the natural world. This approach is also known as ecotherapy, engaging with the environment to support our own growth.

Travelling to an outdoor space, away from daily life, can provide respite and a change of scenery that can be therapeutic in itself. The space and freedom of the natural environment can provide an alternative to face to face counselling, which might feel too intense. It can also improve your physical health as well as your mental health.

I only offer outdoor therapy after I have built a relationship with you online or face to face in order to make sure it will be safe and suitable for your needs. It need not be every session and if the weather is not working for you we would work as normal. I am happy to go out in almost all weathers as each season offers a different setting which may effect our own moods and feelings.