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Trauma/Ecotherapist & Supervisor

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“The woods seemed all answer and healing and more than enough to live for.”
Josephine Winslow Johnson

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Welcome to my website for trauma  and ecotherapy

Wherever you are on your journey, be you just setting out as a student, managing work and/or family or even retired, there are times when it feels you may have got lost along the way. Sometimes you are able to weather the storms and sometimes you tire and need to take shelter or have a fellow traveller help you to keep putting one foot in front of another, especially if you are carrying a heavy load.

As a trauma informed therapist, I can be that person for you. I am also a counseling tutor and supervisor working with students, qualified counselors and at Survivor’s Network.

All of us experience life changing events, some good, some bad. Not all negative experiences result in trauma.

Trauma is an ancient Greek word meaning wound or hurt. Trauma is a reaction to an experience.  People will react differently to the same distressing event and it is important to emphasise that there are no right or wrong ways. In part your response is affected by your personality, but it also depends on your previous experiences, the extent to which there are other stresses and strains in your life and the amount of support you have.

Your ability to heal is affected by your capacity to understand and process your responses. This can be challenging if you are still traumatised. Through trauma therapy I can offer you the support which will enable you to process your trauma and heal.

“What if I told you that damage doesn’t define you and the way you survive is no one else’s business?”
 Nikita Gill, Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul